Tree Removal and Tree Chipping Service

Tree Removal and chipping

No matter what job you’re doing, having the right equipment is essential for getting the job done properly. We’ve always thought long and hard about the equipment we buy to ensure that when we do a job we can offer our customers the best, most efficient service possible. It’s with this philosophy in mind that we approached one of our latest equipment purchases, a Cat 305.5E CR Excavator.

Our Cat 305.5E CR Excavator

What attracted us to the Cat 305.5E CR is its reputation for exceptional performance and the fact that its compact design gives us the ability to operate effectively and efficiently, particularly in confined locations.

Other factors that make this a very attractive machine for the work we’ll be able to do with it, is the fact that its high-definition hydraulic system provides exceptional operational precision and fantastic controllability. Furthermore, we will be able to attach a broad range of work tools to it, enabling us to meet the requirements of just about any job site.

One machine, many tools

We’ve fitted our Cat with a Rototilt® coupler, a Rata 4 in 1 bucket and a Rata Versatile Grapple.

  • Rototilt® coupler: the Rototilt® brand is one of the leading players in tiltrotator systems for excavators. A tiltrotator is a hydraulic attachment that enables the excavator bucket to be rotated through 360 degrees and tilted up to 45 degrees. You can liken it to a ‘wrist’ between the arm of the excavator and it’s ‘hand”, which, in our case would be the Rata 4 in 1 bucket or the Rata Versatile Grapple, or whatever other tool we’ve fitted to the excavator.
  • Rata 4 in 1 bucket: as its name suggests, this bucket has quadruple applications, enabling us to dig, blade, pull back and clamp up, all without having to change out the tool.
  • Rata Versatile Grapple: again, as its name suggests, a true multi-tasker with the added attraction of exceptional clamping force, super high-strength tines and huge high-tensile pivots.

The benefits of having this Cat in our house

Having a sturdy, powerful yet compact excavator with extremely versatile operating ability in our stable of equipment drastically increases the job options we can tackle efficiently and effectively, from digging to site clean-up and just about everything in between.

  • The optimised hydraulics of the Rototilt® coupler will greatly increase the flexibility, precision and effectiveness of the work we can do with the machine, especially in confined areas. It will also enable us to work more quickly and economically, by enabling us to use one machine to do a variety of tasks that would normally require two or three different machines to accomplish.
  • The Rata 4 in 1 bucket attachment also translates into greater versatility, without the need to have to lug all sorts of different bucket attachments from job to job. Great for doing landscaping jobs or restoring the landscape, especially after large stumps have been removed. The degree of bucket rotation and tilt control provides greater material retention during truck loading and easier digging and grading without having to reposition the machine – all of which cuts down on the risk of any ‘collateral damage’ to the surrounding environment.
  • The Rata Versatile Grapple is one of the most useful tools imaginable because of the number of applications that it’s good for, including shifting rocks, logs, fallen trees, hay bales, raking up roots and prunings and much more – and all with extreme precision. It’s particularly great for grabbing tree trunks and holding them at a convenient height to enable an arborist to get to work cutting off branches and slicing up the trunk with a chainsaw. It then scoops up all the debris quickly and easily to feed into a chipper or load into a truck. It’s also an awesome tool for doing root raking. This grapple takes a lot of the grunt out of a difficult job and makes clean-up a breeze.
One machine many tools

Overall advantages

Looking at the bigger picture of what this Cat and its attachments can do, we see several advantages, including:

  • Huge job versatility afforded by a relatively small number of attachments
  • Exceptional operational precision and fantastic controllability
  • The ability to operate very efficiently and effectively even in confined areas

All of this translates into significant savings in time, fuel, labour and equipment requirements associated with a job.

In addition to our stump grinding and removal operations, we will now also be able to offer a far more comprehensive service in support of wider landscaping projects, including a very quick and effective clean-up operation in conjunction with the work done on a job site by any arborist or landscaper.

Need a helping hand on your work site?

If you’re an arborist or landscaper working on a project and need an experienced team to help you quickly and efficiently sort some heavy lifting or shifting, or need to clean up the work site after you’re done, give us a call at Stump Busters on 0800 456 026 to discuss your specific requirements.