Stump Removal – Section Clearing and Clean Up

Section clearing

Have you seen properties where tree stumps have been left behind after a tree or two has been cut down? Not a pretty sight, is it? Sometimes people build gardens around the remaining stumps or try to hide them in some or other way, but it never quite seems to work. Not only is it unsightly but a dead or decaying tree stump can pose all sorts of problems as time passes. So, when a tree has to go, then it’s always best to get rid of its stump too. For stump section clearing simply talk to the professional stump grinders at Stump Busters. Our Auckland and Waikato stump section clearing service will have your yard looking like new in no time.

Why stump section clearing is good for your yard

  • Keeps your yard looking good: As we said, stumps are unsightly obstructions on any property. So, if you like to keep your garden looking neat and tidy then expertly clearing stumps from your section is the way to go.
  • Provides space for new landscaping: Tree stump removal by means of stump grinding frees up space for all sorts of new gardening possibilities and makes the area a whole lot more useful to you than if you still had a dead tree stump sitting in the middle of everything.
  • Protects against pests: As tree stumps decay, they often provide a home for pests and diseases, which can cause all sorts of other problems in the garden. So clearing stumps is a great way to prevent problems before they start.

Complete stump clearing service for you

Having unsightly tree stumps removed to make way for new structures or landscaping will enhance and add value to your property. The fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to remove tree stumps is to contract a stump section clearing and clean up service by a stump grinding professional.

At Stump Busters our stump grinding service covers more than just stump removal – we also do section clearing and clean up once the job of stump grinding is done. With many years experience in Auckland section clearing and Waikato section clearing, we are professionals in the field of stump section clearing.

Stump removal section clearing

The right stump grinder for the job

Stump grinding requires the use of specialist equipment to grind down the stump below ground level to ensure the stump is unable to re-grow, thereby completely removing it from the land and allowing the area to be used for other purposes.

We at Stump Busters have an extensive fleet of the latest stump grinding tools and equipment, including machines that are capable of accessing tight backyards and hard to reach places. What this means is that we can handle any tree stump removal and section clearing work in Auckland and the Waikato. And with our expert teams of stump grinders on the job, clearing small stumps or large stump clearing is no hassle at all.

Get you stump section clearing and clean up quote today

If you want to get back your yard’s curb appeal and create more usable space in your garden, call us on 0800 456 026 to arrange for a free, no-obligation on-site quote for stump section clearing at your place.