Stump removal costs

When a tree or large bush is removed, its stump is often left behind. Unlike trees or large bushes, which can pose a hazard to structures or become fire hazards, tree or bush stumps can appear to be relatively innocuous.

However, tree or bush stumps can be unsightly and even dangerous, and there are a number of important reasons for making it a priority to remove them. For example, stumps that are low to the ground can get hidden by shrubs or grass, but that only makes them more of a risk for children and adults walking through the area. Unsightly tree stumps can also significantly reduce a property’s curb appeal, which can be problematic if you eventually want to sell the property. Stumps can also attract insects and they can be a place from which new growth generates. Mowing and trimming around a tree stump can also be difficult and time-consuming.

So, the cost of stump grinding is always well worth the effort to fix the problem and not have to deal with the consequences of that rather long list of negatives associated with not doing getting the stump removed.

When there’s more to a stump than just the stump itself

Removing Stump In Pieces

It’s important to also realize that hiring a professional to remove a tree stump may not include many of the steps that come before the actual grinding process itself. On the one hand, if the offending tree or large bush is still standing, it will first need to be removed before the stump can be accessed. That will obviously require different tools and more time with corresponding additional cost. On the other hand, older stumps of trees that have been cut down a while ago may have become covered with vines or other growth that makes them hard to access. These are all considerations that need to be taken into account when trying to determine the time required and cost to remove the stump.

Tree stump removal cost NZ

So, what then is the cost to remove a stump? While this is a natural question, there’s no one answer to determine the cost of stump grinding. Even trying to get an average stump grinding price for stump removal is not as simple as it might sound.

Here’s the reason why it’s tricky to provide a set cost of stump grinding up front. Without first seeing the actual tree or bush, or its stump, it’s really impossible to give an accurate estimate of the cost of stump grinding to remove the tree. Each tree or stump, its size and condition, the extent of its root system and its location is pretty much unique, all of which will influence the cost of grinding.

Stump grinding prices: 6 factors that can influence the cost

  • Size of tree or stump: While people often say that “size isn’t everything”, that’s not true in the tree or stump removal business. The larger the piece of wood, the more it will cost to remove or grind its stump. Larger stumps require larger stump grinders, which use more fuel and can be more difficult to get into confined spaces. If a smaller stump grinder has to be used to deal with a large stump, the whole job will take longer. If the situation requires the tree or stump to be removed in pieces, that will also take longer and cost more, both in time and removal costs.
  • Location and access: Using a local tree stump removal company to remove a tree stump could help keep costs down, as opposed to contracting a stump remover from further afield. That said, however, stump removal prices can be higher in urban areas owing to the greater likelihood of more tricky access for the stump grinding machine. Having to use a smaller machine because of restricted access could mean the job takes longer. This all has an effect on the cost of stump grinding.
  • Condition of the stump: Older stumps may have become covered with vines or other growth that makes them hard to access. There may be old steel stakes or other obstructions still inside the stump. Hard, dense wood can be more difficult to remove, as the stump grinding machines will have to work harder to eat away at the trunk and roots of hardwood trees – and pushing up the stump grinding prices for work on such stumps.
  • Root system: How deep will the stump grinding have to go? Older trees with sprawling root systems are harder to remove. Soil conditions, such a very dry or clay soils, will make it harder for the grinder to reach the roots and increase the cost of the tree stump removal. Then there’s the question of what hazards are lurking around the roots, such as rocks, stones and underground services like power, phone and water. Depending on the answers, protective screens may be required to guard against flying stones or other material. Again, all these considerations will affect the stump grinding prices.
  • Size of the overall job: In addition to all the above considerations affecting the price of removing tree stumps, there’s also the matter of whether more than one stump grinding machine is required as well as whether more than one member of the team from Stump Busters will be required on site to do the job.
  • Other factors influencing stump removal options include things like access via steps or sloping ground and proximity to raised garden beds, buildings, glass areas and a whole raft of other considerations.

Free and accurate quote of stump grinding prices for stump removal

As you can see, there are many contributing factors that come into play when determining tree stump removal prices and the cost of stump grinding. This is why we don’t provide stump grinding prices or tree removal quotes over the phone. Instead, we send a member of our expert Stump Busters team to the site itself to take a good look at what’s involved – that way we can give you a fair and accurate quote of the stump grinding price without the risk of any nasty surprises with the cost of stump grinding happening once the job begins.

Call Stump Busters today so we can organize a visit from one of the team at a time that suits you to check out the tree stump you need removed and give you your free and accurate quote of the cost of stump grinding.





For tree grinding services Call Stump Busters today so we can organize a visit from one of the team at a time that suits you to check out the tree stump you need removed and give you your free and accurate quote.

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