It’s easy to say ‘I’m an expert’ but it’s much harder to ‘be’ one. For me, I became a tree stump removal and stump grinding expert by going through the ranks and learning everything there was to learn as I passed each marker point. I was just 19 when I started trimming and removing trees for homeowners and caretakers around Auckland before adding stump grinding to the mix and now I manage the # 1 Waikato Stump Grinding and Auckland stump grinding business in the region.

the-stump-busters-team-800x534It has been a really interesting journey and very exciting, especially when my plans to expand and purchase the best range of machinery to suit any size job, started to roll out. Yes, big boys and big toys…it’s a given! One of the most important changes in the industry over the last 20 years has been the introduction, application and continual updating of the Health & Safety Regulations, something that I know is extremely important to adhere too in this industry, with articulate dedication. I believe my well-earned, down & dirty, hands-on experience has made me a good listener and a reliable person to deal with, so these days I can share my knowledge with you and ensure you get the best job done. What do you think? Let me know if you agree/disagree or tell me a ‘tree removal/grinding’ story you want to share with me; [email protected]

My experienced team works well under my general guidance (they are very good at their jobs & I’m very lucky to have them) and I get a real kick knowing I send them off to work each day, wind, rain or shine, in Auckland or further afield such as in the Waikato, with the best & largest range of machinery, safety equipment and procedures all set up to carry out an exceptional job for you.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with others and like many others, know that ‘like attracts like’ in our personal and business lives. That’s why I have a good circle of people who help me to run Stump Busters efficiently.