Accessing a tree stump isn’t always easy. That’s because trees often grow in hard-to-reach places and when they’re cut down, their stumps have to be tackled in situations where it would be impractical or impossible to use a large stump grinding machine. In such a situation, we pull the Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder off our truck.

The Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder is one of our favourite grinders because of its highly mobile size, coupled with its great grinding power, makes it perfect for dealing effectively with stumps in tight spaces.

10 reasons why we love the Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder and we’re sure you will find them equally appealing.

The Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder:

  • Can work where most stump grinders can’t, on steep banks, down stairs, through very narrow access ways, in raised gardens and very close to the property.
  • Cut a 300mm stump in under 8 minutes and a 600mm stump in less than 20 minutes.
  • Can be carried by hand almost anywhere.
  • Can grind to 500mm below ground level.
  • Has specially designed cutter teeth that reduces the risk of kick back and ensures operator comfort.
  • Can provide the best return on investment in the shortest time of any other stump grinder I know.
  • Is built tough for a tough job, offering the best of American engineering and sturdiness.
  • Is tried and tested in New Zealand conditions.
  • Has replacement parts and teeth that we stock.
  • Can take either a Stihl or Husqvarna power head.

Now you know why we love our Alpine Magnum Stump Grinders – they can truly go anywhere.

If you need a tree stump removed from a hard to reach or tricky space in the greater Auckland, Thames or Hamilton areas, then Stump Busters is the company to call.

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