stump-grinder-mulchHow our local stump grinding jobs work

After you have had a stump grinder in to remove the tree stumps, you want to go there is often the question about the remaining Grindings that are the remnants of the completed local stump grinding job. Depending on the type of tree stump that the stump grinder has ground, the remains are a mixture of wood chip and dirt with the majority of this mixture being made up of the wood chips.

Often people choose to leave the mulch where the old stump was for awhile and let it settle. Other times when the stump grinder is finished the mulch can be spread over a garden area where you don’t want the weeds to grow. It can also be disposed of by the client.

At Stump Busters when we have had a Stump grinder onsite we do offer a service where the grindings can be removed and
we have our own specialist Bin Truck to facilitate this. We also can re-soil and re-grass a site if the client requires it.


When a stump grinder has completed a big stump job there can be a significant pile of grindings left over and we are finding increasingly that clients want this taken away. There is an additional charge for this above the cost of just having the stump grinder, grind the stump and leave the mulch behind but it is very reasonable and in line with industry rubbish removal rates.

stump-goose-completeIn fact our bin truck doesn’t just have to be used for carting away unwanted mulch. If you have any other types of waste or rubbish you want to get rid of, it could be an ideal time to utilize our other services while we are onsite and get rid of that other stuff that’s been lying around, so feel free to ask us about this extra service that we provide as we try hard to provide the complete Stump Grinder solutions to our customers.