The first step when getting rid of a tree or bush is always cutting it down, but in most cases the stump is usually left behind. Many people choose to call a professional, although there is always the question of how much does it cost to remove a tree stump? The tree stump removal cost depends on many factors to be taken into consideration.

When a tree is cut, or falls, its stump should also be removed to avoid attracting insects or rotting, which may cause problems in the future. You also have to consider that mowing and trimming around a tree stump can be difficult and time-consuming. Tree stumps can be left in the ground after felling, but this can cause shoot problems when new shoots emerge from the remaining trunk or roots and even completely dead stumps, despite not generating shoots, can be carriers of diseases or fungi, so no excuse is valid enough not to remove them.

What to consider when paying for a tree stump removal?

The size of a tree or stump: The size of the tree is important when calculating the cost of stump removal. Larger stumps require larger stump grinders, this means more fuel and a major restriction to get into confined spaces. Smaller stump grinders are designed for smaller stumps and tight access. If the situation requires the tree or stump to be removed in pieces, the time required to do the job would increase and also the removal costs.

Location and access: Local tree stump removal services are always the best options. Otherwise, the cost of hiring a company from further afield can make the price rise. There are important factors to consider such as the transportation of the machinery and the travel time to the destination.

Condition of the stump: The cost of stump grinding will vary depending on whether the stump is old, freshly cut, or if the wood is dense and hard to remove. The characteristics of the work may vary as well as the tree stump removal cost.

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