A Safe Residential and Commercial Tree Stump Grinding Service

Once a tree is cut down, the job isn’t over yet – you need a stump removal. After your tree has faced the chop, a stump is left behind with its own set of problems. Tree stumps are a nuisance on two fronts: they diminish the beauty of your landscape and are hazardous if they are small and hard to see. An affordable tree stump grinding service from the Stump Busters is what you need.

Stump Busters – The Greater Auckland, Thames and Waikato Stump Grinding Company.

Some species of trees are able to regrow from the stump and remain a nuisance – even multiple times! It’s a costly mistake to repeat, serving as the perfect breeding ground for wasps and other pests. So why trust a stump grinding business over tree companies, or taking the DIY route?

It’s simple. Being a residential and commercial tree stump grinding service provider allows us to focus on just that: grinding stumps. It only takes a few hours to our team to complete grinding a tree stump and cleaning leftover waste.

Stump Busters are your go-to for Waikato, Thames, and Auckland Tree Stump Grinding Service.

With years of experience working in all kinds of residential and commercial environments, our local stump grinding team provides the right solution to work around the various challenges and constraints that might exist. The best part is that our stump removal method utilizes purpose-built machinery for grinding stumps over chemical solutions. These popular DIY solutions actually corrupt your soil and can rot nearby root systems. Stump Busters’ priority lies in the long-term health of your landscape and risk mitigation for everything we do.

It cannot be stressed enough: do not compromise on safe stump grinding practices. The consequences of not being aware of safe stump removal technique can be dire:

• Pest infestation, such as wasps.
• Broken machinery costs from tools that are unfit for purpose.
• Fines for compromising utilities e.g. underground power/sewage pipes.
• Serious injuries are highly likely, including death.

Even if you fancy yourself as handy with your tools, it’s best to leave tree removal and stump grinding to the professionals. By hiring a safe residential and commercial stump grinding company, you can trust our commitment to providing the best tree stump grinding service is second to none. Stump Busters is fully insured, has the best team with the right equipment to get things done. If you’re in need of a stump to be ground, contact us without delay.