call-center-inbound-outboundOur Local Tree Stump Removal Quotation and Process

Over the years I’ve answered our business phone and spoken to thousands of prospective customers who are inquiring about getting a local tree stump removal service from Stump Busters. I am often asked by these customers “Can you give me a Quote over the phone?”. My answer is, “Sorry I can’t do that and this is the reason why…..” and I go on to explain our company process for giving free Quotes and why myself or one of our experienced staff need to visit the site and view the work to be done to give a fair and accurate quote.

When I first started out in the Stump Grinding business I would give quotes over the phone but I quickly learned that this was problematic as clients weren’t aware of the many different considerations that are taken into account when accurately quoting a job. Many times’s a client would say on the phone that the stump is only 30cm across and that was completely correct. Unfortunately the 30cm wide stump had an extensive root system that required grinding and doubled the amount of work that was required or the stump had an old steel stake running through it, that they didn’t notice or that what my client thought was good access for machinery was for unforeseen reasons not good access for most of my machines and that we would have to use a smaller piece of kit that would mean the job would take longer.

When we turn up to quote for a local tree stump removal job, we can accurately determine the scope of the job by analysing the following:

  • How big is the stump?
  • How deep do we have to grind the tree stump?
  • What is the condition of the stump?
  • What is the access like for our stump grinding machines?
  • Which stump grinding machine is the best one to use for the stump removal job?
  • What hazards could be present like rocks, stones, underground services line power, phone and water?
  • Do we need to have one staff member on site or two?
  • Do we need to use protective screens to guard against flying stones?

All these considerations and more come in to play when we give a quote to have any tree stump removed. After being in this industry for many years, I’ve learned that this simply can’t be done over the phone. Before quoting you for any tree stump removal job, no matter how big or small. One of my experienced staff or I will need to view the site. Once we do that, we can give you a fair and accurate stump removal quote and everyone is happy.

Get a free and accurate quote

So, if you need a stump grinding or tree stump removal cost, it’s crucial that you call in the experts from Stump Busters, we are your professional Auckland stump grinding company. Ask us for our free, no-obligation consultation and we’ll visit you at a time that suits you to assess the situation and give you an accurate, customized quote to put the matter right.