stump-grinder-on-bank-4Quite often we get asked to use a stump grinder in some quite interesting places where our bigger stump grinders can’t get access to, so we use one of our smaller stump grinders that are handheld and controlled manually. When dealing with tree stumps on residential properties, access can be an issue. Gate entrances can be narrow, stumps can be located in raised gardens or on steep banks where a bigger stump grinding machine just can’t operate. This is all in a day’s work for the team at Stump Busters.

Recently we were asked to quote a stump grinder job on a very steep bank where the client wanted the tree stumps removed. The client accepted our quote and we got to work.

The stump Grinder we used was the Alpine magnum. The operator was Alan and Bonnie was the safety support person. Alan
stump-grinder-on-bank-8used a safety harness that was attached to an anchor point by rope and the stump grinder was anchored as well so as to hold the grinding head away from the operator in case the machine slipped and Alan would be protected from the spinning cutting wheel. The stump grinder and operator were lowered down the steep bank and Alan positioned himself to grind the stumps in a safe manner. Although this was a demanding job that was completed during a very windy storm, the job was completed very successfully and the Alpine stump grinder showed once again what a versatile piece of gear it is.

This shows the kind of weather that the team were working in.