Grinding Tree Stumps – Your Questions Answered!

tree stump removal

What makes an expert at grinding tree stumps and how does that experience benefit my landscape?

“I believe my well-earned, down & dirty, hands-on experience grinding stumps has made me a good listener and a reliable person to deal with, so these days I can share my knowledge with you and ensure you get the best job done.”

Having been involved in the tree care & stump grinding business since 1984, owner Dave Ruck is dedicated to upholding exemplary service and strict adherence to health and safety protocols. With decades under his belt, Dave’s expertise manifests in his communication with clients and dedication to getting the job done right!

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My stump is in a difficult to access area – will this be a problem?

When grinding tree stumps on residential properties, access can sometimes be an issue. Gate entrances can be narrow, stumps can be located in raised gardens or on steep banks where our larger stump grinding just can’t operate. Fortunately, this is all in a day’s work for the team at Stump Busters.

We of all people know that trees grow in all sorts of interesting places! Often their removal may seem like a real head-scratcher!

Through the use of specialised stump grinding machines, the team at Stump Busters are able to make light work, grinding stumps in challenging areas such as:

  • Raised gardens.
  • On steep banks.
  • Hard up against a structure.
  • In planters and big pots.
  • In gardens surrounded by other plants that you wish to keep undamaged.

To assess your situation, give us a call for a free quote and take a look at our previous work.

What is the cost of removing a tree stump on my property? Can you quote over the phone?

We’ve found with our decades of experience, that the amount of site analysis required for an accurate stump grinding quote makes it impossible to quote over the phone. When we turn up to quote the cost of removing a tree stump, we can accurately determine the scope of the job by analysing the following criteria:

  • How big is the stump?
  • How deep will we be grinding tree roots?
  • What is the condition of the stump?
  • What is the access like for our stump grinding machines?
  • Which stump grinding machine is the best one to use for the stump removal job?
  • What hazards could be present like rocks, stones, underground services line power, phone and water?

All these considerations vary from stump-to-stump and are just some of the factors at play in our accurate tree stump removal quotes. To truly understand the cost of tree & stump removal, click here for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll visit you at a time that suits, assess your situation and give you a definitive, customized quote.

How can I add the finest in portable machinery to my stump grinder arsenal?

Stump Busters NZ Ltd has exclusive agency in New Zealand for the Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder. We’ve used the Alpine Magnum for years now in the tree care industry and it has become an essential part of our tree & stump removal equipment. The Alpine Magnum enables us to provide an unmatched stump removal solution for our customers.

Now, your business too can add the Alpine Magnum stump grinder to your stump grinding arsenal. Stop turning away those jobs where difficult access has excluded you and start using the best stump grinder on the market Perfect for grinding tree stumps above ground, and grinding tree roots below. Contact us directly for all Alpine Magnum sales enquiries. Also of interest is our article, 10 Reasons Why You Will Love The Alpine Magnum Stump Grinder.