North Shore Tree Stump Removal Service

stump remover - North Shore Tree Stump Removal Service

Dependable Local Tree and Stump Grinding Service in Greater Auckland, North Shore, Waikato and Thames Area.

North Shore Tree Services,  Stump Grinding and Tree / Tree Stump Removal Service

With a North Shore focus, Stump Busters is a fully insured professional stump removal and stump grinding company with the experience, training and latest Stump Grinding technology. We offer prompt, dependable service for grinding tree stumps that ensure safe and efficient completion of work to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our professional stump grinding machine is small enough to fit between a backyard fence, we also have larger models to remove larger tree stumps.

We operate our stump grinding business across the greater Auckland, Hamilton, North Shore and Thames areas. We guarantee that whatever work is stated in our quote will be delivered 100%. Not only do we have the latest range of specialist stump grinding equipment, but our stump grinding work is fully insured for your peace of mind. So, if you’re in the market for a professional, specialized Waikato stump grinding service that you can rely on, and at an affordable price, then contact the team at Stump Busters on 0800 456 026 to discuss your requirements and to arrange for an obligation-free quote.  Tree services, hedge trimming and arborist services can also be provided.

Stump busters are specialists in stump grinding in the wider Auckland and Northshore area.  Backed by solid experience, we offer professional tree stump removal services at a competitive price.   Our focus is to grind unwanted tree stumps to dust.  Our range of equipment allows us to reach those hard to reach places.  But, often we are called in to remove those stumps that take up valuable space in your property and don’t look very attractive.

As an Auckland based business with over many years of experience, we specialise in the grinding and removal of tree stumps. Roots are quickly and effectively removed. With a range of machines for all situations,  we will have the perfect solution for you.  From big and small stumps to stumps in those difficult to access spaces, no job will have us stumped.

Call Stump Busters today.  We are your safe, experienced and cost-effective no-fuss stump and root removal solution.