Why Stump Grinding is The Best Way for Removal of Tree Stumps

Did you know there are several different ways for removal of tree stumps and different options that you can take?

The number one option for removal of tree stumps is to use a Stump Grinding Machine. A Stump Grinder is a machine that has an engine that mechanically or hydraulically spins a disc. The disc has special cutting teeth attached. It grinds back and forth across the face of the Tree Stump, literally grinding away the wood of the stump down below ground level.

The Benefit of Using Stump Grinding Machine for Removal of Tree Stumps

The benefits of using stump grinding machine method include:

  • It is fairly fast, cost-effective and nowhere as labour intensive as trying to dig the stump out by hand.
  • The stump can be ground to different depths depending on what you want to achieve.
  • Big roots radiating out from the stump can be followed and ground and the earth mound that gets pushed up around the base of bigger stumps can be ground away with ease as well.
  • Also, it is much easier to move the resulting grindings than to attempt to dig out a tree stump, which can be fine for smaller stumps but with big stumps, it would be too heavy to lift and also hard to cut up as there is so much dirt around a stump. Chainsaw blades are very quickly made blunt and lose their cutting ability as soon as they come into contact with dirt.
  • The other benefit with this way of Tree Stump removal is that Stumps come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and locations and consequently there are different types of Stump Grinding Machines that are designed to work in these different scenario’s and at Stump Busters our Tree Stump Removal equipment is varied and we have seven different types of machines that we use depending on the job and what is going to be the best piece of gear to get the job done properly.

So if you are looking for a way to get that nasty tree stump removed from your property, stump grinding is the right method to go for.

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